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Casa de Micho is the new kid on the block in the arena of fabulously designed accessories for human’s best friend, reaching out to you from the charming colonial Mexican town of San Miguel de Allende (Travel and Leisure’s “Best City of 2017”).

Internationally recognized for her product designs, Laura Kirar, founded Casa de Micho with travel, adventure, artisan craft and her own elegantly clad chihuahua Micho, in mind. When Laura discovered Micho in a park in 2014, it was love at first sight. From the day he was rescued in Michoacan, Micho has traveled the world at Laura’s side, inspiring his need to look chic and keep warm wherever their travels take them.

Micho is brother to 6 rescued (much bigger) siblings who all live happily together on their hacienda in Mexico. Micho’s dog family is a constant inspiration for stories, laughs and new products.

Our love for our four-legged friends is as strong as our love of great design, so we’ve been checking out the intersection of dogs and design and have been completely inspired by the following leaders in the field:

1. Dog Milk:  

ResHue dogs series by photographer Paul Octavious – Dog Milk

Dog Milk features very well-curated high-design products for dogs, but what we really love is their column “The Scoop.” This column introduces you to cool creative people and how they met their dogs. It’s laugh out loud smart and funny, but it’s also completely heartwarming!


2. Mrs. Sizzle:

Sally Hershberger with Foxy and Bowie – Mrs. Sizzle

Mrs. Sizzle, aka Suzanne Donaldson is “all things chic pet” and she does not disappoint. The entire site is completely glamorous and inspiring – the people and dogs are so stylishly suited and so gorgeously photographed. You can really see her Conde Nast photo background come to life. Oh to be this fabulous!


3. Four & Sons:

Issue five cover and portrait by Matt Karwen  – Four & Sons

Four & Sons describes itself as a publication “where dogs and culture collide.” That’s for sure! It gives you beautiful, brainy and newsy content all inspired by dogs. You could spend hours here.


4. Lifestyle Tails:

James Kennedy with Huxley. Photo by Rikki-Percival – Lifestyle Tails

EIC Simon Glazen, a London-based fashion journalist, introduces you to the most interesting people in the (mostly) London creative world along with their dogs. It’s a great smart peek into their homes (OMG the homes!) and lifestyle, all of which are incredibly chic.

We hope you spend some time on these beautiful and entertaining blog sites – you’ll meet the best people (and their equally amazing dogs).




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